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The What Why How Theory: Yurtlife Unpacked with Goal Zero

April 28, 2023
Mollie Busby

Stoked to have my guest post up on Goal Zero’s Solar Life blog this week. Ryan and Andy from the GZ team came and filmed Sean and I a few months ago at our yurt for their series, En Route. We are so honored to be a part of this community. Preview the post below (which pays homage to our buddy Chris’ theory - What Why How), and click READ MORE to see the rest on the Solar Life blog! THE WHAT, WHY, HOW THEORY: YURTLIFE UNPACKED   When my husband, Sean, and I tell people that we live in…

Sunrise over Glacier National Park

March 27, 2024

Sunrise over Glacier National Park—bringing the first rays of light to NW Montana’s Flathead Valley and our yurt’s Goal Zero solar panels.  

Daily Journal: Share the Sun

November 20, 2023

Another fine ending to a day here in NW Montana with another beautiful crystal clear big sky which brought plenty of solar power to our Goal Zero solar panels and Yeti 1250 generators and batteries. We will now have enough power in our yurt for nearly two weeks as long as we remain conservative. Feeling refreshed - WooHoo!  

Daily Journal: Goal Zero solar panels, ready for winter

November 7, 2023

Our Goal Zero solar panels are now on a temporary mount for this winter. The true battle of yurt living may simply be trying to keep up with the snowfall and keeping the panels from becoming buried.  


Plaid: The Official Uniform of Outdoor-minded Folk

My first memory of my wife (Mollie) before we started dating was the outfit she wore on our first official meet up. We met at a funeral of a young boy named Jesse (full story here); I had flown out to Wisconsin mid-winter to give his eulogy. A day after the funeral, I had a run in with Mollie while I was still in Wisconsin. She was wearing a red plaid shirt that instantly caught my attention. (She tells me now that the pattern is called “gingham.”) I took keen interest to this shirt and of course to Mollie. A…


Lets Make Moves

For 28 days, I’ve accepted the challenge to write every day. Find more on my motives here. See how far I’ve come here. If there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s getting my way. When I want something, I have an uncanny way of getting it. No, seriously—I’m not sure you understand. It’s to a point where I focus on that one thing with all my energy. It occupies every thought I have… I’m constantly scheming about how I can get said “thing” and I won’t let up until I get it. It’s as if there is divine intervention…

Powder Lines Peak Diaries: Tour de TQ

I’m so proud that Sean was finally able to finish the first of a series of videos about our summer TQ adventure! It gives an introduction to what the TQ adventure was all about, in addition to an EXCLUSIVE tour of the Travel Queen, herself. (If you’re new here and have no idea what I’m talking about, we drove a veggie oil-powered motor home called “The Travel Queen” to Alaska this summer… see my full coverage of the TQ adventure here.) Thanks to all the people and sponsors who made this dream a reality! Without further adieu… the TQ! PowderLines.Com…


Biding time

We’ve been busy for the past 15 days, getting after various passions on our journey north. Here are just a few of the ways we bide our time on a month-long aventure to Alaska. At the skatepark in Calgary… Slacklining and lounging in the Kammok in Fort Nelson… Making friends with 10-year-olds in the Fort Nelson skatepark… Doing calisthenics with new friends in Watson Lake… Ava, wanting to play frisbee every minute of every day… Rock climbing in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory with the TQ nearby, soaking up solar power thanks to Goal Zero… Getting after summer snow in at Mt. McIntyre in Whitehorse, thanks…


Day 1: Let the social experiment begin!

The day we’ve been waiting five months for has finally come. Sean, Brittany, Russ and I are officially on the road in the Travel Queen. The decals are lookin’ good, the solar is soaking up sun on this beautiful day, and the fuel smells like french fries. And that’s just the way we intended it to be! The past five months have been trying, to say the least. We’ve had our ups (WE JUST BOUGHT A MOTORHOME) and our downs (WHERE DID ALL OUR MONEY GO) but all the construction, painting, hammering, packing has come to an end… we are…


The Top of our TQ Packing List? A Yeti.

One may wonder why we would want to bring a yeti on our road trip from Utah to Alaska in our alternatively-fueled adventure base camp (a.k.a.: The Travel Queen). Perhaps to ward off hungry grizzlies who smell the alternative fuel that’s powering our motor home? Or to keep us company on the long drive through Canada? Nope… our yeti has a much more eco-friendly purpose. He gives us power. The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is the biggest, badass, eco-friendly generator there is. And he’s coming on our journey in the motor home…. Not only is the Yeti powerful, but he’s…


Yukon Adventures, revisited

Just realized I still have a ton of photos that I haven’t posted from our trip to the Yukon. As we’ll be up there in about a month (only next time we’ll be driving in the GHV!), I thought what a great opportunity to get excited to see this beautiful place again—in the summer. Enjoy! Working dog camp. I tried to stay calm when I went and visited the dog camp so that they didn’t howl too loud, but to no avail. The mountains in the background of this photo can only be described as arresting. They were one of…