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The day we went to visit The Great Wall of China

Glug glug glug… I awoke to the sound of Britt and Russ’ water dispenser making noise from their living room. Time for a cup of tea and some fresh pomelo fruit to start our day — and on this day in particular this past December, we would be escaping Beijing for a multi-tier adventure. When Sean and I travel, our objectives usually revolve around backcountry skiing. But China was slightly different; not only were we base-camped in Beijing with friends, but there was no backcountry to be had in the area. After we visited Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort (featuring manmade…


So many continents, so little time

Unlike our other adventures around the world, our recent trip to Morocco meant more. That trip marked the end of an era filled with adventure, leading to Sean backcountry snowboarding all seven continents, and me skiing five. The end of that journey marks the beginning of a completely new one for us. (One that we’re excited to tell you more about in the coming months!) To honor that chapter of our lives, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane today—bear with me… 4 years is a long time. I began my journey with Sean in 2010. He, having…


Getting Acupuncture in Beijing

January 13, 2024

Project number one in China—literally on day one—was to getting acupuncture in Beijing. We couldn’t think of a better way to acclimate ourselves to Chinese culture than some good ole’ Eastern Medicine. Sean has some back issues and yours truly has been having an achy knee. After checking in at the Police Office (required in Beijing), Britt and Russ took us directly to Dr. Wong and signed us up for some sort of magic. They don’t do doors in many public places in Beijing. Rather, they have these tall, thick panels of fabric that you walk through: Dr. Wong is…

Chinese Encounter

January 3, 2024

As I stepped into the elevator, I had all the rules running through my head. Look both ways before crossing the street. Watch out for people doing righthand turns. People will be staring at you. Thank you is pronounced sort of like Shay Shay, but with complicated Chinese tones… just say it fast and quietly, and they’ll probably get it. So many nuances in Beijing, China that I don’t experience in small town, Montana. As I walked through Brittany and Russ’ gated apartment complex, I attempted to memorize my footsteps in order to find my way back. No phone, no…