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Daily Journal: Montana morning light

With temps dipping into the 20s at night and highs only in the 40s, we are becoming more engaged with our wood stove. One special perk is you get to see some really amazing sunrises and Montana morning light when restocking the wood stove for breakfast. This sunrise was captured from our yurt looking into Glacier National Park as another storm front moves in bringing more rain and snow to NW Montana.


So many continents, so little time

Unlike our other adventures around the world, our recent trip to Morocco meant more. That trip marked the end of an era filled with adventure, leading to Sean backcountry snowboarding all seven continents, and me skiing five. The end of that journey marks the beginning of a completely new one for us. (One that we’re excited to tell you more about in the coming months!) To honor that chapter of our lives, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane today—bear with me… 4 years is a long time. I began my journey with Sean in 2010. He, having…

Bulgaria Goes Big on Internet Giveaways

January 24, 2024

This was a legit pop-up internet advertisement that Sean and I encountered in Bulgaria. Glad to know they aren’t letting just anyone get a green card these days… you have to pass a real tough quiz on the internet first.  

A few last shots from traveling Bulgaria…

January 11, 2024

As we adjust to life back in Utah, I’m fumbling for time to post… but alas, after this weekend I should be back on track. My new year’s resolution is to prepare better for times like this, when I know I won’t have time to write extensive blog posts… here’s to a new year of being prepared! More on traveling Bulgaria—our room with a view at the Sonata Hotel in Samokov. This is a cucumber-yogurt-garlic salad called, Snow White. Delicious on garlic toast… A preferred mode of transportation in the Balkans: China may have rickshaws, but Bulgaria has horse-drawn carriage……

Abstract Photography at Rila Monastery

January 6, 2024

When Sean and I visited Rila Monastery last week, I knew we were trodding on some seriously spiritual ground. Have you ever felt that? It was incredible… When we walked through the front archway, before us stood a profoundly beautiful building, incomparable to any structure I’ve ever seen in my life. The details and textures that reside at Rila Monastery are all unique and yet jive in a way that takes your breath away. It was a privilege to walk through the courtyard of this incredible place, and I was inspired to take some abstract photos and capture the creative,…

The Busby Guide: How to be Polite

While we have had some amazing food in Bansko, and other places during our time here in Bulgaria, Sean and I have become experts in the arena of being polite when we don’t care for something. Case in point: Last night’s dessert. After a number of scrumptious plates of meats, potatoes, veggies and a few glasses of house-made wine, dessert seemed like the best idea in the world. And because we’d already treated ourselves to crepes after skiing, we opted for something new (rather than the “pancake” which is essentially a crepe you can order with chocolate—so good). I chose…

Happy New Year, from Bansko, Bulgaria!

January 1, 2024

Sean and I had a wonderful evening, ringing in the New Year in Bansko, which we’ve heard some people call the Whistler, BC of Eastern Europe. In a word: It was NUTS. Upon our arrival in town, our GPS (which by this time was speaking to us, but in German only) directed us up a road toward the lift for Bansko’s ski resort. It was a European road to the max—meaning TINY and jammed with cars, especially cars that aren’t meant to drive in ice and snow. Lucky for us, we had our Subaru Empreza (which Sean named Jasmine) to…

At ease in Bulgaria

December 30, 2023

Before we came here, we were warned by many people in Romania, “Be careful in Bulgaria.” Uh, what? We thought we had it all researched and ready to go. Needless to say, it had us really nervous… but to be quite honest, since the moment we touched down in Bulgaria, things have been so smooth. We’ve felt so at home here… (crosses fingers as to not jinx the trip!) Perhaps it’s our trusty GPS that doesn’t talk. She relies on us paying attention to her directions. The following photo really shows how descriptive she gets in guiding us on our…