Daily Journal: Ski in, ski out Yurt

The most reliable form of transportation has been our own two feet when it comes to accessing our yurt. Many miles have been logged this winter with my splitboard and Mollie’s AT setup—putting new meaning on having a “ski in, ski out” home.  

The Legacy of One Grand Parade

Many years ago, on a cold winter night, a man named Norm Kurtz was filling in as the “relief” bartender in the original Ptarmigan Room in the chalet at The Big Mountain (now, Whitefish Mountain Resort)*. As he refilled drinks for his two patrons that evening, he polished glasses and listened to their conversation. The two customers were discussing how the town needed something… a special activity in the wintertime to give everyone around town a little boost to get through the long, cold season. Kurtz listened to their stories and ideas, and took mental notes that he would later...

Daily Journal: Polebridge, Montana

Excited to put up a new mailbox soon in this tiny/remote and completely off the grid community up the North Fork of the Flathead River—Polebridge, Montana. A place where grizzlies roam your yard and your mail is delivered only twice a week by a local resident and her domesticated wolf. A land behind the times…or are they onto something we don’t know? My heart tells me the latter. Distant - up a long dirt road near a now closed down US/Canada boarder crossing. Where you can escape and truly disconnect from the modern world - with no cell phone reception,...

The Legacy of George’s Gorge

So many times at our home mountain—Whitefish Mountain Resort, we fly by the posted signage on powder days, breeze past the historical plaques and artifacts in the Summit House, and chatter endlessly about which runs we’re going to hit next: Summit House to the Ant Hill to East Rim, dropping into Moe-Mentum and onto Russ’s Street back to Chair 1. The names roll off our tongues like last night’s dinner menu.    But what about the stories beyond the chatter? Behind the alliteration and quirky nicknames donned by ski runs on Big Mountain, there are the stories of the men and women...

Daily Journal: Montana Winter Challenges

The last week has been one adventure after another in Busby YurtLife. An epic powder day led to a handful of snowmobile issues (Read: our primary access to the yurt digging itself into our road’s new massive snowbanks). I resorted to one mode of transport up that never breaks down.    Meanwhile, Sean was busy cleaning out our chimney after the swinging temps blocked it entirely! He writes, “Yurt life = DIY. Maintenance on our chimney cap after record breaking snow and a freezing rain event. Over the past two days we have noticed our highly efficient stove was acting...

YurtLife as a Classroom — AIARE Level 1 Montana

January 12, 2024
Yurtlife just reached a new level. I (Mollie) completed my American Institute for AIARE Level 1 course this weekend, based out of the Great Northern Powder Guides local backcountry yurt! There’s nothing quite like classroom in the AM, field observations and a ski tour to follow, and good times with new friends in a yurt to cap off the evening. Bonus points to Mother Nature for keeping us safe but allowing us to see snow instabilities firsthand. Remote triggered D1 storm slab avalanche near Stryker MT. Glad to be traveling with smart folks, and grateful to learn from a safe distance.

Daily Journal: New Year for our Shelter Designs Yurt

January 8, 2024
A little morning light shining over our yurt to start off the first day of 2015 in beautiful NW Montana. Looking forward to the coming year in our circular homestead and creating special memories with our little family and wonderful friends.

Daily Journal: Alpenglow in Glacier National Park

Our evening light at the yurt can be spectacular. I love how the alpenglow lasts longer and longer each day as we move closer to winter. This shot was taken from inside the living room of our yurt looking directly at Glacier National Park’s Mount Stimson - the second highest peak and one of the most remote and isolated peaks in the park. Termed one of the hardest major summits in the continental United States to climb from a standpoint of remoteness, effort, and non-technical challenge, it is a true monster that towers over this part of NW Montana. Hard...

Daily Journal: Northern Lights in Montana

This has been my latest northern lights viewing setup on the south end of our yurt looking up to the northern sky. It is one of many locations to catch a good solar storm on the property. Though the northern lights in Montana can be frequent for this area, clear night skies can be few and far between through the dark winter nights.