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Daily Journal: Montana Winter Challenges

The last week has been one adventure after another in Busby YurtLife. An epic powder day led to a handful of snowmobile issues (Read: our primary access to the yurt digging itself into our road’s new massive snowbanks). I resorted to one mode of transport up that never breaks down.    Meanwhile, Sean was busy […]

YurtLife as a Classroom — AIARE Level 1 Montana

Yurtlife just reached a new level. I (Mollie) completed my American Institute for AIARE Level 1 course this weekend, based out of the Great Northern Powder Guides local backcountry yurt! There’s nothing quite like classroom in the AM, field observations and a ski tour to follow, and good times with new friends in a yurt to cap […]

Thanksgiving Carving and the Smell of Home

As odd as this sounds, I can vividly remember the neck warmer I used to wear skiing in Wisconsin as a kid. The thick, black fleece would be damp with condensation, but somehow it would shield my rosy cheeks from the wind. With every inhale, I remember the scent of deep fried cheese curds and […]

JUST GO: Meet Chris and Caitlin Williams

One of the best parts about yurt life is the people we’ve met along this journey.  A few months ago, after staying the night in Missoula for a movie premiere, Sean and I met up with Chris Williams, per an introduction from our friend, Hayes (owner of Shelter Designs Yurts). Chris, 27, is a producer […]

Blades of Glory, Yurt Style

One by one, the blades of our heat-powered fan atop the rocket mass heater begin to turn. Once around, twice around, four times, eight times. Soon, it’s turning too many times to count, humming as it pushes heat from the stove into the room. This simple action is how we know the stove is warming […]

Daily Journal: Montana Sunrise

The Montana sunrise peeks over the Bob Marshall Wilderness each morning, lighting up the east-facing side of the yurt, illuminating the yellow larches, and warming the earth for a new day. Finding beauty in our surroundings grounds us daily into this new life.

Yukon Territory - Revisisted

The only audible sound was the swoosh of my skis on the powdery snow underfoot, and the occasional crow flying overhead. Sean and Alex, our expedition teammate, had ascended ahead of me on their splitboards, but I didn’t mind. Alone in the wilderness, off-the-grid in the Yukon Territory, my body felt strong, propelling me onward […]

Why our yurt was a marriage booster

When Sean and I set out to build a house together, we got a lot of raised eyebrows from friends and family. Neither of us had any building experience; Sean knew how to use a power drill and I had taken wood shop approximately 18 years ago. Who needs experience, right? To everyone’s surprise (especially […]

The stove that keeps on giving. [And taking.]

If you follow Two Sticks on Instagram or Facebook, it’s likely that you saw this: It’s no joke — Sean got carbon monoxide poisoning. While I was out of town, per usual. The universe must decide each day that all things dramatic need to happen when I’m gone. That one time the brakes went out […]

Homesteading Win: DIY Lip Balm

When Sean started using the adjective “homesteader” to describe what we want to be someday, it made me feel nervous. Who are we to call ourselves homesteaders compared to people who have bees and chickens and trap their own meat and maintain entire farms supporting their family with veggies and all of life’s growable things? We’re […]

Visiting Iceland in the Winter

So you found super cheap flights to Iceland, but you’re nervous about navigating this traditionally green, lush country in the harsh winter months. Yep - we were too. But stop worrying and book those tickets… and start making plans for visiting one of the most epic places in the world. Here are our top tips […]

Our Yurt DIY Plywood Floors

“DIY” has never felt so amazing. Without being modest, I’ll just say our yurt DIY plywood floors look amazing; they are the perfect fit. Handcrafted by us (and a few talented friends), the floors began as many sheets of plywood, which we cut, sanded, drilled, stained and sealed. But before I get into the details of how, […]

An Artful Home — Kyrgyzstan Yurt Art

I remember the day we purchased this wall hanging in Kyrgyzstan. Wanting to acclimate a bit further before hitting the snow, it was our third day in the country after over 40 hours of traveling to get to Karakol. We had hired Azamat, an English-speaking guide from the area, to drive us around and show […]

Yurt life, continued

Things have been good. Slow, but good. After you have a 1-day yurt raising, it’s hard to go day after day without making GIANT leaps and bounds. Plus, we’ve had a couple work trips — and our jobs in general — that keep us busy. Each night we schlep up to the yurt after work with charged power tools […]

JUST GO: Meet Rob and Chloe Vance

When we think of Rob and Chloe Vance, we think of laughter. Lots and LOTS of laughter. Sean and I met Chloe (31) a few years back. Chloe—at the time—was running an outdoor adventure nonprofit in Canada called Connected In Motion. After hosting events together, it was apparent that Chloe was growing on us. It […]