Daily Journal: Montana Larch Trees

This photo is shown looking up to our yurt through the golden needles of our Larch trees (also known as Tamaracks). Last Sunday, we were completely fogged in as frigid arctic temperatures and heavy snow approached. That Sunday—November 9th—marked the last of our beautiful fall-colored Montana Larch trees until next year as our temperatures dipped into the teens and negatives. Winter has arrived in NW Montana.

I used to call the Aspen my favorite type of tree because of the brilliant colors their leaves produce in the fall - but not anymore. My new favorite tree is the Larch which is a conifer tree that goes through a similar cycle that the Aspen does each season with its leaves. However instead of leaves, the Larch has needles that change colors. Their needles fall off before winter and regrow into a brilliant bright green color each spring before transitioning into the beautiful yellow and gold color each autumn. Will surely miss this color, but it’s time for snow now. 


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