Soaking up simplicity — One of the best hikes in Whitefish

One of the things that worried me most about moving into an off-the-grid yurt in Montana was time. It would take us more time to access our home. It would take us more time to do dishes by hand. It would take us more time to bring up water and transfer it into various buckets and bins for usage every week.

But as I sit here, savoring a cup of french press coffee that I put time and care into making, I realize that through this yurt, I’m learning to slow down and embrace the pauses — to embrace the moments of extra effort and extra time spent in nature.

In mid-July, our friend Brit came out to visit and we took her for a hike up the Danny On trail at Whitefish Mountain Resort. So simple and close to home, and yet long enough to make a day of it with the dogs. Whether for exercise, to refresh our stash of huckleberries, or for some impromptu yoga on the trail, this hike is what we consider one of the best hikes in Whitefish as an “Intro” to the town when friends come to visit.


These big white flowering stalks are called Bear Grass. Their beautiful bulbs are seeing flowering all over Big Mountain throughout the summer, and I’ve read that their flowering cycle is every 5-7 years. Historically, Native Americans used the sturdy stalks of Bear Grass for basket weaving.


Here is Sean, stopping for a water break with our herd of dogs: Daisy, Glaicer and Brit’s dog—who you might remember from last summer when we had her for a few months—Ava. This spot on the hike is one of our favorites. A little more than halfway to the summit, there are expansive views of the Flathead Valley and a nice bench to sit on.


…or, do yoga on. Brit is an incredibly talented yogi, practicing in Denver. She found solace in and a bit of yoga bliss at our favorite spot on the hike. (Find her online here)


And when it comes to simplicity, there’s nothing more pure than picking berries. I love seeing Sean — like a kid, so excited about such a simple task of picking huckleberries. As evidenced below, the huckleberries were MASSIVE this season:


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