Mollie and Sean Busby are a greasecar-driving, yurt-dwelling, Montana-loving pair based in Whitefish with a mission to inspire families of all sizes to seek adventures near and far.

Stay up-to-date on yurt life, Montana moments and our travel abroad.

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 Bundled to the max and embracing majesty at Gullfoss, Iceland - March 2011.
 "When in doubt, go toward the light. When you get to a fork in the road, choose the way that feels lightest. The light will take you to the next place. The light will lead you home." - Melody Beattie
 Throwback to the actual moment @seanbusby got down on his knee to propose to me in Iceland, circa March 2011. #heputaringonit
 Knees bent and abs braced for a little ski jouring with our pup Glacier; her first time on a snowy mountain, let alone pulling me on skis. (Look at that happy energy in her tail!)


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