Mollie and Sean Busby are a greasecar-driving, yurt-dwelling, Montana-loving pair based in Whitefish with a mission to inspire families of all sizes to seek adventures near and far.

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 I never thought I'd find a partner that's as weird as me. But then I did. Throwback to our #Norway expedition circa 2013 above the arctic circle.  by @andrew.h.meehan
 This is the face of nervousness mixed with excitement mixed with epic jet lag. @seanbusby and I went on a backcountry expedition to #Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia two years ago and had the opportunity to meet a true Eagle Man. Eagles have been used for many many years to provide food for entire villages. This man and his eagle (which is gracefully perched on my hand) are prominent figures in their village, and as our translator Azamat explained this all, we were in awe. There's nothing more thrilling than diving into another culture - Kyrgyzstan was no exception.
 "The power of gratitude never wanes. Say it when you feel and believe it. Say it when you don’t. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."-M. Beattie. The woman pictured here is one of my closest friends, Brit. I am grateful for adventurous memories with her (like this hike we took this summer), and I have her to thank for inspiring my love of yoga four years ago. Thank you for bringing balance, simplicity, yoga and your friendship to my life @bhdaisy14!
 Bundled to the max and embracing majesty at Gullfoss, Iceland - March 2011.


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