Mollie and Sean Busby are a greasecar-driving, yurt-dwelling, Montana-loving pair based in Whitefish with a mission to inspire families of all sizes to seek adventures near and far.



Daily Journal: Yurt Living at its Best

December 15, 2014
From a few weeks ago…Staying up past 2 am for a strong solar storm because it was highly likely of viewing northern lights over our yurt. Instead, a layer of high clouds rolled in on a forecasted clear night, snuffing...

Daily Journal: Montana Backcountry Yurt – Winter is here!

December 10, 2014
A snowmobile drive home the other morning to this beautiful sight – our Montana backcountry yurt. Such peace between storms as a refreshing coat of white begins to blanket our little round homestead.

Daily Journal: Our Blaze King Off the Grid Yurt Wood Stove

December 8, 2014
You may be noticing something a little bit different in our yurt. For those that don’t — we replaced our Rocket Mass Heater with an extremely efficient wood stove by Blaze King. Our new stove also has a 30 hour...


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 I originally thought snowmobiling up to the yurt would be pure madness. But as it turns out, I don't mind it. I actually... enjoy it. Walking up and down on my own is calming and good exercise, and snowmobiling with @seanbusby is always filled with laughter, especially when we spend the entire drive calling the dogs to follow close behind. Yurt life is always surprising me
 I love the light in this photo - it's almost as if the sun is a flashlight, illuminating the valley as it peeks from behind the clouds. Moments like this, as I walk down to our lower property (where the car is so I can drive into town), give me a chance to reflect on all we are blessed with here in Montana. We have our health, a (canvas) roof over our heads, and more beauty than we ever dreamed of. I know Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but I'm still going to be grateful today... Life is good.
 When we leave the yurt and "head into town," this is it -- a picturesque mountain community just shy of the Canadian border. Making Christmas villages jealous, for sure. I love our little hometown!
 Attempting to make friends with the Japanese locals, before they hopped in a nearby steaming onsen. Snow monkeys are some of the most charismatic animals @seanbusby and I have ever met. This photo was shot during our China/Japan backcountry ski expedition earlier this year!