Mollie and Sean Busby are a greasecar-driving, yurt-dwelling, Montana-loving pair based in Whitefish with a mission to inspire families of all sizes to seek adventures near and far.

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 There has been a low solar tide in Northwest Montana lately - lots of cloudy days. Preserving our @goalzero power and practicing yoga by the light of our oil lamps. #BusbyJournal #40dayswithccyoga
 'Twas a snowy day with a bite in the air while exploring Polebridge with @seanbusby this weekend. Thanks @686 for keeping us toasty warm!
 A self portrait kind of day -- looking within and being grateful for all that surrounds us. "Expressing passion and gratitude will guide your life. Say it again and again. Say it until you believe it. Say it until you live it." -Melody Beattie.
 The last week has been one adventure after another in Busby #YurtLife. An epic powder day led to a handful of snowmobile issues (Read: our primary access to the #yurt digging itself into our road's new massive snowbanks). I resorted to one mode of transport up that never breaks down. Skin up to ski down! #BusbyJournal


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